ANEW - The largest independent electrical wholesale buying group in the UK

ANEW is the largest independent Electrical Wholesale group in the UK that provides high quality, affordable products close to home via a nationwide network of over 250 branches. With a number of carefully chosen members, we have massive purchasing power to offer competitive pricing and overall better discount with great rebate structure.

About ANEW

ANEW was formed in 1993 after the merger of two leading buying groups, CREW and NEDA. A further merger with EMMA followed in 2001. With only 27 carefully chosen independent wholesaler members providing over 250 branches nationwide, and a turnover in excess of £600m, ANEW has the superior purchasing power to offer competitive pricing of branded products together with outstanding expertise and first class professional service.

ANEW is a member of IMELCO, the largest international group of independent electrical wholesalers, with representation across Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the USA and Canada. IMELCO gives our members access to data and information and the opportunity to exchange experiences at an international level.

One of our greatest assets as a group is membership stability. We have a dynamic mix of founder members combined with aspirational members that have joined over our 30 year journey. ANEW is currently open to new members that share our common values and drive for success. Becoming a member will give you access to exceptional terms arranged with all major UK suppliers and be given an equal voice in the decision making process of ANEW.

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Access to superior discounts off trade price lists due to our purchasing power

Market Leading Brands

Market Leading Brands

Exceptional trading terms with major market leaders offering members direct accounts

First Class Service
Networking Opportunities
Exceptional Trading Terms
Regular Promotional Activities
EDA Membership

EDA Membership

The trade association for the electrical wholesale distributors

IMELCO Membership
Rebate Management Program
Trade Shows

With access to key resources and support, you will be part of a wider network to gain a better understanding of the overall market and be part of something bigger.

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What Our Members Say

Our members are proud to be a part of a group sharing common goals and achieving growth and aspirations, while maximising their profitability and maintaining excellent relationships with our suppliers, procuring the best deals and products for the group.

Alistair Dunnet

Managing Director Holland House

Membership of ANEW has been invaluable in securing the best buying terms, across a range of suppliers, to allow us to compete with National wholesalers. At the click of a button, our new rebate management programme allows us to very efficiently check supplier purchasing agreements and spend figures. Our membership also affords us the opportunities to build supplier relations at various network events throughout the year. We also greatly benefit from meeting like-minded, well established, family-run businesses on a regular basis. Finally, we enjoy the advantages of a very professionally run Group and back-office, led by our Chief Executive Samantha McFall.

Julian Barkes

Purchasing Director BEMCO

ANEW provides invaluable support to BEMCO and allows us to punch above our weight. The camaraderie and relationship building opportunities it provides are genuinely rewarding. ANEW makes it fun and easy, and is an integral part of our business.

Andrew Grant

Managing Director GLT Electrical

When GLT were first looking to join a buying group in 2020 we had conversations with members from all the major buying groups. We believed that not only does ANEW give us the best deals in respect of financial reward and margin enhancement but also the support form the ANEW team and the excellent resources available are second to none. It was the best decision we made and the business has benefited hugely from it.

Richard Sherin

Group Commerical Director R&M Electrical

Being part of ANEW has been invaluable to R&M over the many years we have been members, as part of the largest buying group in the UK every member can have the confidence that the Deals we receive will be one of the best if not the best in the industry, helping you grow your business with confidence. Every member has the opportunity to be involved within the individual committees, helping grow the group to the next level. Hopefully with new members coming on board in the future we can carry on the growth of the group and add to its strength within the electrical wholesale industry.

Will Cannon

Managing Director Eyre & Elliston

Eyre & Elliston have been a member of ANEW for many years and value the benefit gained from the collective consolidation of purchases and group collaboration towards supplier promotional activities. The group trading meetings provide an invaluable opportunity to review collective purchases and ensure maximum support is given to the nominated suppliers in addition to providing an open and friendly environment where member and supplier relationships are strengthened. The various product commodity negotiation committees are managed by volunteers from differing members from throughout the group which ensures that all members, regardless of size or location are advantaged. We feel that ANEW offers its members many rewards and benefits and recommend the services presented by Samantha and her team to any wholesaler wishing to develop their business.

Gary Thompson

Group Commercial Manager Medlock Electrical

Our long-standing membership of ANEW has allowed us to remain at the forefront of independent electrical wholesaling. It has enabled us to grow into a £100 million plus company with over 50 branches in the UK and Ireland. The supplier relationships that we have fostered over the years have been extremely beneficial to us in growing the business. The agreements with the multi-dimensional supplier base cater for all our purchasing requirements across our range of branded and own brand products. It is a most professional outfit, from the Chairman, Alan Moore, to the chief executive, Samantha McFall, to the extremely efficient office staff – a great team.

Andrew Cox

Director Hedley and Ellis

Being part of ANEW has significantly helped our business to prosper and remain competitive against the National Wholesalers in these challenging times. The commodity committees help to provide excellent pricing and access to all major manufacturers for ALL members. Above all the friendship and support from fellow members and the ANEW team lead by Samantha is second to none.